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Every contribution to peace counts - including yours
Federal President Gustav-Heinemann said: "You put this world in order"
Gustav Heinemann had a decisive influence on Germany as it is today. Coming from a humble background, he knew that everyone could play a decisive role in shaping order and peace in this world

  • That's why this is ours and yours

  • We at XXX (from the Essen Peace Forum) set up a forum and advertise a prize.

  • A prize for finding a draft treaty for finding peace in Ukraine

  • Our goal is to provide a forum that contributes to peace mediation in the spirit of the UN. We want to give you the opportunity to make your drafts known to a wider audience, so that decision-makers can also become aware of viable ideas, even if they are only partial aspects, further developed  and ideally  .

  • You submit partial aspects or a complete draft of a peace treaty . In doing so, you are helping to shape the search  for a peace treaty. Link, Rules and Submission tab. Many Thanks

  • You are visiting this page

  • With this you deal with the thought of whether a peace treaty is possible ist. Warm welcome.

  • You are unable to submit your own design. However, you can contact draft submitters if they allow this to enter into a dialogue.

  • You can give your assessment of the interests of the drafts presented here numerically if the submitter allows this for his draft. So you give feedback.

  • They refer friends and acquaintances to this page who are evtl. also interested in working out a peace treaty. Many Thanks.

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